paddling drysuit seal vs diving drysuit

getting ready to replace the neack seal on my Kokatat suit. Is there any difference in a latex seal sold for a diving suit versus a latex seal for a paddling suit? Is it worth getting a Kokatat brand seal? I see several dive type seals from shops in the UK (Ebay) that are lots cheaper. From what I have read , it,s a crap shoot on the life of a seal. Anybody suggestions? Thanks

I think most people buy the NRS kit.

I’ve never seen a “divers” neck gasket
But certainly a diver need more waterproof protection than a paddler does, so I assume a diver’s gasket would work just fine.

I’d get the cheapest one possible from a reputable shop. They are easy to replace, and accessories like these are frequently way overpriced.

paddler vs diver seals
Glenn ’ that’s about the way I had it figured also.

Neck seal
I’m a diver and a kayaker and have replaced seals on both types of suits.

The seals are the same.