Paddling Europe

In a few weeks, I will be in Amsterdam, Netherlands and Bremen, Germany, and would like to go paddling (day trips). Does anybody know of any outfitters/rental facilities?

Kayaking in Germany
I have heard (from my German wife) that there is a vast network of lakes around or near Potsdam and kayak rental is possible.

In general the rivers are not as friendly to recreation as in North America…but they are getting better.

Beware, the small river in my wife’s hometown has several “fences” that look like 2 foot tall road spikes. These cross the entire river to catch trash. They would skewer a boat like a tomato on a stick. So, TALK TO THE LOCALS.

Would love to hear about your trip!

I live near Bremen, so just tell me what you want to do…

Sea kayaking: the Weser river up to the north sea - plenty of water to cross. Some parts of the wadden sea are protected, but there’s enough free space to go.

Lake and river kayaking: no really big lakes, but around Bremen there are many rivers and canals for day trips.

There are several rental facilities, commercial as well as canoe clubs. What do you prefer?

Some pics at: (in german)

What does this mean, “parts of the wadden sea are protected”?

Is it:

No motorboats?

No trepassing at all?

Are there posted signs?

Can you explain this for us Auslander(foreigners).

Not easy

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There are different areas with differents restrictions called "Schutzzone" with a degree from 1 to 3 plus addtional exclusion zones for birds etc. Some of them are free for all, others completely inaccessible. But there is enough water to paddle, and the north sea is fun to paddle for skilled paddlers.

Some cards are at
Blue: free
Orange: keep out, except official waterways