paddling favorite areas Canandaigua area

Been up here alot and am always looking for new places to paddle. Like marshy, wildlife areas. Been on the West River alot, Black River, Mendon Ponds, Irondeqoit Creek,the canals in Rochester and Salmon Creek area too. End of Hemlock is also nice. Any other good suggestions. Have used the New York quiet waters and take a paddle books for their suggestions but anyone have any favorite area they wouldn’t mind sharing that I might not have tried. I promise I won’t abuse it or tell so it stays nice for you! I go up this way usually a couple times for at least a week or so every year centering out of Scottsville. Only like flatwater but like to spend a few hours out where ever I go. Don’t mind driving for good paddle! Also never mind having new company either, whether its on a place I’ve been or a new place. Sister and son are visiting area with me this summer and want some new ideas to consider with or without them. Thanks. Chris

Howland Island
Try the Seneca River around Howland Island. It’s got great marshy stuff, birds, fish, and turtles.

bradock bay, erie canal…
man, if I still lived in upstate NY, I’d paddle the erie in a heart beat–maybe rochester to syracuse so you could experience Montezuma park. Such wonderful history and nature and all those wonderful little towns to stop at. I’d make a three nighter of it.

Also, the bays and ponds of lake ontario near rochester–Irondequoit, bradock’s, and the various ponds (bucks, round, long.) If only i could pack my (future) boat in a suit case.

(okay, I know, but I don’t want an inflatible or break down boat.)

Go West like Horace Greeley said
Iroquois National Wildlife Refuge and the adjacent NYS areas. Thruway west to the Pembroke/Darrien Lake exit and go north.

There is a paddling trail thru the refuge on the Oak Orchard Creek and its only closed during Wood Duck nesting season which should be over now. The refuge office has maps and staff will direct you to the open areas.

also the thousand islands…
if you don’t mind driving a few hours. Sea Kayaker Magazine had an article in the latest issue about paddling the erie canal btw, and another about a rescue off Kingston, Ontario.

In general, you are in a great paddling area.

(and a great fishing area…)
in addition to a great paddling one.

Great suggestions
please keep them coming. I’ve been on alot of these too and I agree with the niceness of them all. Still looking for some more ideas though. Possible paddling in the Watkins Glen area too.

watkins glen
there’s the finger lake, off course. But if you pulled out a map of the area and looked for lakes and rivers, you might find some very nice water. Upstate has a lot of beautiful lakes and resevoirs.

Waneta and Lamoka lakes
These two small lakes are located west of Watkins Glens and are connected by a small stream that is very paddleable. Waneta is several miles long and is ringed with cottages. Lamoka is smaller.

I agree…
there is plenty of great places to paddle up here. Everyone is so nice to remind me of different ones I have already paddled or would like to take my sister and nephew on during their visit. Sometimes I wish I could just win the powerball and just spend the rest of my life paddling and geocaching all over everywhere looking for what could be the best!!! I don’t know if I’ll ever find the best but I sure will find lots of great places. If any of you are ever over in CT let me know I’ll get you to some good ones here too! Thanks again for the ideas keep 'em coming.