Paddling from Long Island (NY) to City Island (Bronx, NY)

8/19/2023 - Port Washington at Bay Walk Park launch - Kayak 14 miles round trip miles to City Island for a meetup with TKC (one of the oldest kayak club) for a bbq.

Involved crossing the Long Island Sound, circling rat island, and passing hart island. Hart island is where a lot of unidentified folks are buried. Rat island is a privately owned rock. Ivanka Trump made a bid for it but lost bc someone didn’t want her to win. Scenic distance view of Throg neck bridge and Manhattan

Thanks for the video. It brings back some memories. I grew up across the sound in Rye, and had a little 11 foot sailboat. City Island would have been about 20 times my range, but I did ride my bike there sometimes to visit a really neat used marine supply store called Trader Johns.