Paddling from New York to Kingston

I have a friend that wants to put together a paddle to (or from, if customs is easier) Kingston Ontario from New York, about a 40 mile open water paddle across Lake Ontario. We are looking for anyone who has done this and can give pointers or warnings of what we may run into. Anyone?

Canadian customs up there is pretty mellow. I crossed on the ferry 5 years ago from Clayton to Wolfe Island with my folding kayak in it’s backpack and the agents passed me through in about 5 minutes. Given the choice, I would always rather deal with them than US customs – the northerners are much more humane and rational. Of course you still have to come back through US customs but if you check with them before leaving to find out what will make your return easier it could speed things up. Are you leaving from Clayton?

My friend up there is an expert kayaker and long time member and outing leader for the Cataraqui Canoe (and kayak) club in Kingston and he knows those waters well. I could contact him and see if he would be open to communicating with you via email (he’s retired and travels a lot so I will have to find out if he is reachable at the moment.)

You could also check the CCC’s site and links and get in touch with them yourself. Great bunch of folks and excellent paddlers. I did a leisurely tour on the Rideau Canal with them on that trip. Frontenac Outfitters up there would also be a good source of information (there is an ad and link in the CCC newletter for them).

Wolfe Island is cool – my first trip across the island was the week they were commissioning the last of the windmills that have been installed there.

Done in open canoes in 2010 …
… by Paul Conklin, who posts here occasionally as Conk, Harold Deal, who posts here very infrequently as HRD, and a relative novice Gary Marble.

Prior to the trip they studied weather patterns, moon phases and other conditions. Paul practiced 40 mile trial runs on the Finger Lakes, as did Harold. They coordinated with the Coast Guard, had a chase boat, and took many other safety precautions.

You might try contacting Paul or Harold for detailed advice.

not Clayton
Oops, just realized if you are planning a 40 mile crossing you must be starting from farther south and west than Clayton.