Paddling fuel or emergency rations

For protein and fats, I go with Spam Singles, for those who are health conscious there is Spam Singles lite. Fat Elmo would agree.


Please pass the Moon Pie. I knew there had to be a reason I paddle with you. Save me one!

Love Spam!!! :grinning: But mostly when I am backpacking.



Will do! I’m looking forward to paddling. Maybe we can trade staples at lunch.

I may have to try Spam again. In grade school, my lunch was often a Spam sandwich and some fruit.
I haven’t eaten it since.

Go for it! Thinly sliced spam, browned both sides in the frying pan, topped with easy over egg(s), served between two thick slices of toast. Tabasco optional.


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I just ate and that sounds good :+1:
I prefer Texas Pete.

Steelhead. Maybe 28-30 inches. Not sure if they are trout or salmon.

Spam :scream:

Spam is very high in fat, with about 15 grams in a single two-ounce (56-gram) serving (1). Fat is significantly higher in calories than protein or carbs, with each gram of fat containing about nine calories ( 17 ).Nov 21, 2018

Still popular.

Steelhead! That makes sense. :slight_smile: Essentially, it is an anadromous version of rainbow trout. Unlike the pure freshwater dwelling siblings, steelhead get much bigger because of the bountiful food sources of the ocean (or Great Lake).

Both version have spots on their tails as seen in your pic.


Spam is away ahead of sugar. I like the new small portions. Adds a lot to backpacking food.

Fat, yes, and salt; lots of salt! A third of the Daily Value (DV) for Sodium in 2 ounces of “classic” Spam. May not be the best choice for those who are watching sodium intake.

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A dozen Moon Pies wouldn’t last more that a couple of days at my house. For paddle snacks, they get messy when its hot, so you end up squeezing them out of the wrapper, so you don’t get chocolate all over. It’s like being an astronaut. I usually get the Nature Valley Sweet and Salty Peanut Granola Bars. I keep them in a plastic bag in my cooler. They are great when they are a little cold.

I love Spam, great for a quick breakfast on the river, but potted meat and sardines in mustard have been my go to for easy camp lunches for 50 years. Just add some saltines. Best part is nobody asks to share for some reason. :nauseated_face:

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In WV some folks call homemade moonpies “Space Globs”. Not sure where that got started. Probably somebody’s church cookbook.

I myself do the hard granola bars- nature valley. I buy them by the case and always have two or three in my lifejacket. Twice I’ve been treed in on shuttles- falling trees blocking road from storms and unable to get back after paddling. Kind of nice to have an extra granola bar or two when stuff happens. The advantage of the hard bars is they hold up better when they get damp and there is no chocolate to melt.

My Dad enjoyed sardines when we were out in the woods. I couldn’t get past the look and smell.

I forgot to mention these.

Sardines are a standard and good for you. A favorite of mine.

Spam lite has 50% less fat and 25% less sodium, but still has 610mg of sodium per serving.

Wash down the Moon Pie with some cod liver oil .