paddling georgia rivers ...

anyone have experience paddling some of Georgia’s rivers in the southeast part of the state? i’ve heard that if you leave a car at the ‘end of a road’ somewhere, it’s gonna be broken into while you’re gone. this doesn’t happen in north carolina … maybe it’s the deliverance thing, but i’m worried.

I haven’t heard of a problem specific
to Georgia. However, you might find it worth your peace of mind to work with an outfitter, or find a gas station willing to park your car. I’ve been paddling north of the Fall Line, and occasionally south, since '74, and I have not had a car broken into. However, I do know of those who have had that experience.

I’ve never had a problem…
paddling GA rivers. I’ve heard of folks having their cars broken into at the Hiwassee in TN. I suppose it could happen, but I don’t think it happens too often.

I leave my truck parked and
never had a problem except for taking the wrong set with me in the canoe. Got back and discovered I’d locked the keys in it. Fortunatelty I left the window down enough to get something in to unlock the door.

and what exactly is
the “deliverance thing”.

Deliverance …
the movie. you never saw the movie? a classic about some guys who go canoeing in Georgia and meet with some bad times.

the Deliverance thing
Actually Deliverance took place in N.E. Georgia rather than SEGA. Things can happen anywhere but as long as you use some common sense you shouldn’t have any problems. Most of the places you put in and take out are public landings. Have never had any problems to date. But now that you bring it up watch my next trip be like a scene out of the movie…OMG!!!

and you think that
these bad things may actually happen to paddlers in the backward state of Georgia?