Paddling gifts for Christmas

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all. What paddling gifts did you receive? I now have a pair of Chota Mukluks and a head lamp. Now I can go on a New Year’s Day paddle. Loving it.

Seed Money

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I got $500 towards my Kenai trip this summer . . . woo hoo! Oh yeah, and a cagoule to keep me dry!


Christmas Gifts
NRS Extreme Dry Suit-Gift card to EMS-$500.00 Toward Pygmy Boat Kit. SANTA WAS VERY COOL.

Hope all had a very happy holiday


NRS Extreme relief drysuit and
Werner Corryvrecken bent shaft paddle.

It’s like ole St. Nick read my mind!

I got everybody beat
I got a $2.50 floating aquarium thermomenter.

Now I can tell how fast I am going to have to walk on water when I tip, before I freeze to death trying to make it to shore.


and Happy new year


Two Paddling Instruction DVD’s
My son gave me two instructional videos for Christmas. They are both by University of Sea Kayaking. I have started the first one which is ABCs of the surf zone. The second is Learning to Combat Roll.

I am a lucky dad.

Merry Christmas and Happy Paddling,


christmas gifts
well i cant match the dry suits and kits , but i got a jetboil java kit stove , a thermarestprolite3 sleeping pad ,a paddle leash ,and a folding chair to take kayak camping with me this year.

Mohawk Probe 12
Wha Ho, Ho, Ho, Ho, Pilgrims;

Ah’ gots (me Christmas present ta me’self, actually) a Mohawk Probe 12 WW canoe an’ a Sawyer Cedar Freestyle canoe paddle. Sperlin’ my’self rotten…

Fat Elmo

For the twelve days of Christmas

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my true love let me have:

One yoke of wood called cherry

Two Greenland paddles glisting

Three books on Omer

Four paddlemaking books and tapes

Five double pocket paddle bags

Six Nashwaaks flexing

Seven (x5) paddle hooks a hanging

Eight Onkyo speakers a blaring (to listen to the paddl'n videos of course)

Nine new tiedowns hold'n

Ten gunwales in pairs

Eleven bungies stretching

Twelve foot of carbon fiber.

Nashwaak paddles

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So ye be da feller dat wiped out Jeff's stock o' Cruisers! He didn't have anymore when ah' e-mailed him. Serioosly, hope ye enjoy dem an' have a Merry Christmas an' Happy Noo Year ta boot.

Fat Elmo

First aid kit
and I bought a paddling jacket for myself on e-Bay on the 23rd, so that counts too!