Paddling Hall of Fame?

Journeyed to Cooperstown, NY for an Autumn Leaf Paddle on the Susquehanna from it’s headwaters at Otsego Lake(“Glimmerglass”) 14 miles down to Milford Center. This is usually where the starting leg of the annual General Clinton Canoe Regatta occurs Memorial Day weekend. I wanted to take my canoe, but as my partners were all in Pungos, I opted to use my Necky Manitou instead(-While in Rome…" The scenery/wildlife was so beautiful, I wanted to continue paddling all the way down to the Chesapeake, but my compatriots wouldn’t hear of it for just a day trip😜 Anyway, Cooperstown has a number of museums besides the main one dedicated to baseball. I asked around town if anybody knew of a Paddling Hall of Fame. I only got blank stares. So who would you nominate for induction if one exists? I would probably vote for luminaries from the golden age of pnet! Pamlico 140 and Fat Elmo come to mind.

Oddly enough, there is a General Clinton Hall of fame although you have to make it to Bainbridge(the finish line) to see it

I’ve paddled to Bainbridge from Oneonta–But I didn’t know that…I’m talkin’ NATIONAL here.

Oh I’d say this years nominee, Andy Triebold would be on that list

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Thanks for sharing the pix, interesting to see the river in Autumn, I never see those places outside of April and May! So low n slow looking! But lovely!

It was indeed quite boney in places, especially in the early twisty strainer filled miles. Think I’d of dug it even more in a ww boat at 1000cfs.

I think this may be the highest I ever did that section, think it was over 13,000 cfs when we hit the river

Yike…Did you go over/under the train trestles?

By the second half there was plenty deeper water. Because a river wide beaver dam and the scratchy “portages” delayed us some, the final stretch became about pouring it on to take out before the now earlier in Fall sunset.

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I recall the strainers as very dangerous that year, the whirlpool below the Goodyear dam shortcut was nuts and the day flew by! Iirc it was also very cold in the am and remember having to put my foot out a few times to keep off the bank on some of the sweeping bends. Such an interesting river with a lot of moods

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The proliferation of wood the first 5 miles was staggering. I thought race organizers absolutely have to scout and chainsaw each Spring before an event, or it’s “death takes a holiday!:scream:

Looking forward to going back in Spring before Memorial Day to do the second leg down to Good Year–As I’ve already done a good number of miles below it.

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Re the 2 Nominees: Maybe for the paddling Hall of Humor.


Okay, then I nominate YOU String!:wink::+1::v:


My category is Paddling Wreck. I have to use a cane and often a walker but from the abs up I’m good to go.

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That’s the spirit. We got a category for everyone. Mine is “Most Swims on Class Four Rivers of the Northeast” and “Bringer of Inflatable Kayak to Alligator Infested Waters.” (Sort of a Bob Uecker niche :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)

I remember that one. Also falls under What Were You Thinking!?
Seems like a long time ago.


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I’ll second that nomination! :grin: