Paddling Helmet Question

I’m looking at the Pro-Tec Two-Face helmet - the small size fits me well, and I like the nape feature in back which secures the helmet very well. I found one issue with it though - for a size small, the straps seem excessively long, and you cannot adjust the strap on the female side of the buckle - so when I shorten the male side, the buckle ends up being right under my throat, instead of to the side. I have a short jaw anyway, so there’s not much room over there.

My question for all of you is, (hoping most of your are “average” - where does your helmet buckle fall - it is off to one side, just below the curve in your jawbone?

I think the manufacturer in this case cuts all straps the same length, regardless of the size of the helmet (cuts manufacturing costs).

Do you think they intend the buckle to be smack in the middle of your throat?


Another option
For protection on the nape of your neck and extremely good fit-ability take a look at the Shred Ready Sherlock (front & rear brim). Been extremely pleased with mine for a couple of years now.

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You can cut the stitching on the loop
to the buckle, pull in the slack until the buckle is where you want it, and then resew. Try to use a really strong Nylon or polyester thread, and overdo it a bit to make sure it is secure.

I have secured web loops with contact cement, but it’s an ugly procedure and may make the webbing too stiff. Another thing you could do, to secure your hand stitching, is to soak the bond with Seam Grip, or whatever it is they call the urethane used to seal tent seams.

The later ProTec helmets seem to have remedied some of the weaknesses for which they were criticized in the past. Unfortunately, I’m still stuck with my old ProTecs, because none of the new helmets fit my fat head, including the new ProTec.

Secret Weapon
is called a “Speedy Stitcher”. Everyone should have one in their posession.


Save yourself! Save your public image!
Don’t do it! Pro Tec Helmets will instantly date you to 1977. You will never be able to show yourself in any kayak photograph. What’s next a 14 foot fiberglass whitewatern kayak? No more 70’s.

Augustus Dogmaticus


I have one, but I usually reserve it for
even heavier work than joining Nylon strap.

I have been wondering about my Cascade helmet and if it is time for it to be shelved so that i too can be recooled? I would love an FNA, do you think that would improve my image?

Any thoughts too about a new wet suit since i am now the butt of jokes for using my 7 year old two tone farmer john with a hole in the cheek ya might say. Thanks…

Let’s cut to the chase here…
nothing makes a wetsuit shine like the allure of a woman ensconsed within. Makes me whimper. I know Burt pulled it off back in the 70’s but, face it, are we really Burt? I’ll only answer that for myself. The faded and holed nature of your suit does give me pause, but I’m a polite friend.

The Cascades helmet as high kayak fashion. That too gives me pause. The sex appeal of Granny Clampett when she whips out that broom comes to mind. Utilitarian and not the Protech '77 look, but not sexy. Ever see Anna Levesque in her Shred Ready Vixen? Sexy. Protec '77: feathered hair, bell bottom 501’s, 2 tone jersey T shirt, hi tops and Carrera shades. Oh, don’t forget the foam ball cap with plastic tensioner and the 8 track blaring We Are The Champions. Definately Joe Dirt country.

Protec does lots for the skate rats, they are trying to work into that 70’s look on purpose. As kayakers most of us need a little modernity to an otherwise ancient form of transportation for some relevance, so the Protec has to go. I’m sorry if this offends any of you, I try hard to be a good boy but manky old wetsuits on dudes with Protec’s crosses even my limit of visual pain. Even the most radiant of women in a black wetsuit standing underneath a Protec would scream fashion crime. Why not a diving bell?


You haven’t seen the new ProTec
helmets, obviously. They out-style most of the non-composite WW helmets on the market.

I rest my case your Honor
No wonder old yeller is only 28 bucks.

You are right though, they do seem to be trying to at least break into the 90’s. If you think I’m bad here, you should see me with my friends, half of whom still wear the Classic '77 cut. One of em’s still got a Trans Am in his garage, too.


There is no stitching
There is no stitching where the buckle attaches - it’s on a continuous loop - I’d have to cut it, lap it, and stitch it. Didn’t like the thought of introducing a weak point.

However, here’s an afterthought . . . I’ve been looking at a lot of helmets online and it appears that they all have the same setup, with the buckle ending up smack under the middle of the throat - so it appears that’s just standard.


Check this out . . .
Check this out, Dogmatycus!

I’d stay it’s a step up in fashion from my Pro-Tec Ace . . .


Don’t buy helmets to impress chicks

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I accidently left my blue protec helmet in my surf kayak and put my kayak on my roof rack. I hit about 75 mph on the merge of the 805 Freeway with the 5 and looked out my rear window ... it looked like a blue football spinning in my mirror, very fast end over end flying in a high arc and then landing in the middle of the road. It stayed at the side of the road at a spot where it would be insane to get out and get it. The next morning when I drove to work somebody had placed it about 8' up on top of a steel post ... it looked like a spiked head from the middle ages....

OK time to buy a new helmet... standard swindle is that to be sexy and cool you have to have a Gath Gedi helmet ..... first time I wore it to the Break in La Jolla a young board surfer girl (UCSD coed) who I talk to once in a while when we are sitting outside waiting for the big ones in the winter says ... What in the hell are those ear things on that helmet?

hmmmmmmm I'm a homely old guy, I guess she did not notice my helmet was supposed to be cool.

Short review of Gath Gedi ---
Not sure how good impact protection is.
It's very light.
It's very streamlined ... a lot less trouble for punching through waves and getting rolled around in the suf.
It makes a lot of wind noise.
The buckle is over at the side.

check these out

As long as you were in a black wetsuit,
Paula, you’d be better off thann 99.9999999% of kayak babes. Fer sher. Actually, ‘Ol Dogmaticus is eatin’ his anti Classic ‘77 Protec words, they are gettin’ into the new millenium with reasonable kayak lids. Might even check 'em out meself. G2D was right! Just don’t do the classic '77 in the bargain bin. Even Burt would laugh.


See, fashion counts!
Look Seadart, you’ve aways seemed like a reasonable guy, If the babes are giving you a fuss over your noggin protection, especially a Joe Dirt lookin’ kinda noggin protector, what happens next is a workout of the the wavy kind. Your mind ain’t in the game, get it? There you are trippin’ on your rails because of some antiquated, Bee Gee’s era salute to Fire Island and then next thing ya know it’s @$$ over tea kettle. This stuff matters! Feel good about yerself, buy something you can be photographed in and ten years from now you can actually display said photo. Trust me, I hide the feathered hair photos,those I’ve not burned. Let’s all leave the 70’s behind as some sad, misguided approach to personal decor and get with the biz, huh? By the way Seadart, thank God for merciful freeways unburdening you from future fashion crime scene photo’s. What would Sing do?


I type this in a ripped up T shirt and shorts I shoulda thrown away 3 years ago. But at least I ain’t out in public with 'em.