Paddling in a Cypress Swamp

This is a very short video of our time spent paddling the Cache River State Natural Area located at the southernmost tip of Illinois. We highly recommend it!

Mark Morrall

Morrall River Films

Watch out!

Be careful in swamp areas!

I must get a canoe. I like the music.

very NICE
Thanks !

I’ve been all around that spot and I absolutely love it. That was before I had a canoe though. I went to school at Southern Illinois University, and I can say there are many, many wonderful and unique areas in that little corner of the world! It’s like an episode of Wild Kingdom every corner you turn, every direction you go!

Never would have guessed
I did not know southern Illinois had swamps like that. On reflection, it shouldn’t seem so strange, considering that a former p-netter talked about such swamps around Memphis, TN, which is not a huge distance farther south.

That’s a pretty place.

You two do get around!

I like it
Really cool video. Thanks for sharing.

Earlier this spring, I had the good fortune to paddle a creek near Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge in Virginia that was dotted with Bald Cyprus trees. Great experience.