Paddling in a flood - I got to paddle and surf on a paved highway!

Thought I would start a discussion for stories/videos/pictures of anyone who has had the chance to paddle unusual flood situations. I recently was able to paddle over a flooded road and surf the interesting wave that was produced from the edge of the road. Just for fun

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My typical flood-paddling situation is traveling through the woods in a canoe. River-bottom forests can be a lot of fun to explore that way. In such flood conditions, the edge of the river channel can be tricky in places, so you have to pick and choose where you make the transition between forest and river.

In the Ozarks those are low water crossings… When the river is up, it is routine to paddle over. When it is not you portage…

“so pitted, Dude.”

That’s not a river in flood stage; attached photo is a river in real flood stage.

P.S. There are some concerns about paddling over low water bridges.
If the river rises sufficiently, hydraulics can form on the downstream side of the bridge. Also, some cheaply constructed low water bridges may result in exposed rebar on the downstream side. The downstream side of low water bridges are great sources for rocks, fishing tackle, pieces of fencing (barbed wire & otherwise), old tires, broken glass, logs, and anything else that got swept, or thrown into the river.

We were paddling the Walbash River in Indiana years ago during high water. We got stuck in a corn field.

Yanoer likes to paddle in Illinois corn field drainage ditches.
He uses a variety of boats…
I think he really wants, and think he needs a Kruger for his corn field expeditions,

Of course he wants someone to sell him a like new Kruger for 8 or 9 hundred dollars. Yanoe is an “optimist”. as well as an adventurer.