Paddling in GA, SC area???


I am in GA for a few months. I have paddled at Tybee Island (very cool). I have a long weekend coming up and want to do some paddling. Can anyone recommend any other good paddling spots that I might want to consider or is Tybee as good as I will find? I would preferably be looking for rough ocean water, but may also be interested in some long distance river trip that would allow for secluded camping.

Does anyone know how long of a paddle it is to circumnavigate Tybee Island? I plan on heading out there several more times while I am here and maybe that is something I will plan to do.



round about 13-15 miles
not too bad

i like hunting island
20 miles east of beaufort, sc. there is a beautiful state park. the island is relatively undeveloped. you can launch off the beach or paddle out from a lagoon, encounter wildlife and gradually more challenging conditions while going out into fripp inlet and the ocean. also johnson creek tavern is good for good local food and sometimes live music. it’s probably about 1- 1/4 hours from savannah. email for more info

For a long river trip you can’t beat

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the Edisto , which is a couple of hours up 95 from Savannah. Lots of info on the net about it.Several reports here.