Paddling in GA

I put out feelers for finding local paddlers for GA rivers…got an email from someone called Richard…lost his email and my reply back to him is not showing up in my “sent” list…hopefully he will see this and resend his contact info…he indicated that he was retired, paddled 3-4 times week GA rivers, and lives near Atlanta…hope to hear from him…I am making my way to NC and would like to touch bases w/ him and hopefully have a paddle if time allows.


Anita Goss


Might find something here
Here’s a website that might lead you to some kayaking in Georgia.

And this one:

I’m moving back to North Georgia and hope to revitalize my yahoo group “kayak north georgia” after I settle in – late Summer.

Here’s another site that might help:

Happy Paddling,


Is this who you are looking for, Anita?

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If you are looking for a nice Class II+ run in northern GA, the Cartecay near Ellijay is running right now:

The Cartecay is, or was, fairly popular so you might well find someone to paddle and shuttle with there. There also used to be an outfit called Mountaintown Outdoor Expeditions (where the put in is located) that used to run shuttles, but their web site appears to have expired so I don't know if they still exist. The phone number for M.O.E. used to be (706) 635-2524.

Hey. I’m just south of Macon GA. There’s a section on the Ocmulgee from Juliette to Popes Ferry a 10 mile run if your in the area and want to paddle it. Rivers low but can still run all the shoals.


That would be Georgia Kayaker
I sent him and e-mail and told him about your post here.

Last time I heard from him he was ironing out the details on paddling to Cuba, so he might not be around now, but I’ll see if I get a reply.

Jack L