Paddling in Guatemala

Hi Everyone,

I Just finished my new web page for Guatemala eco and cultural kayaking and canoeing tours and am working every day on the beautiful slide show in the photo gallery section. come visit my exciting country, with wonderful travel and adventure oppurtunities, including my home, lake Atitlan the most beautiful lake in the world. check it out!

HELP SAVE THE PLANET! By traveling we experience and when we see we can make intelligent changes!

If your not interested in a tour enjoy my free slide show under construction:

here´s a direct link to my kayaking page:

hope to see you in Guatemala!

Roger Puac

I love Central America…
but to attract more paddlers, you will need to post more pictures, and tour package prices to entice us there. Throw in local scenery and wildlife pictures if you have them, but create an image of what we would see if we go…

Best wishes,