Paddling in Japan

I will be in Nagoya Japan the last two weeks in October, on business. I would like to do a river paddle one weekend day, thats about all the time I will have. does anyone know of a good, clean place near Nagoya to paddle? I am looking for someting, class I,II.

What Perfecture is Noyaga?
Depending where you are at in Japan, there are places to go, as well as to rent Kayaks. Okinawa has multiple places to rent from and places to kayak. Woody, who monitors this web site, has paddled up north in the region of Misawa. Offered little information on your request, but opportunities exists. Good Luck

I can check some magazines at home
but this could be a start

If you get close to Tokyo ( not too far by train) There is a kayak club in Matsudo on the Edo river who would let borrow a boat, probably for free. Direction… Get off at Matsudo station. Walk to the river and follow the bike path toward Misato on the Matsudo side of the Edo River. It is about a 1 mile walk.

Aichi perfecture
Nagoya is a (big) port town in the Aichi perfecture

Domo arigato gozaimasu

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Tokyo is about 3 hours by Shinkansen train. I have been on that site a few times. I sent a note out but no response as yet. Thanks again, I look forward to the magizine info.