Paddling in New Caledonia


My partner and I are based in New Zealand and are planning a trip to New Caledonia later this year to explore the Lost Coast. We are hoping to do it in an inflatable double kayak/canoe.

Has anyone been there (South Eastern coast) or have any advice about local transport, food available, cooking with gas vs fire there etc. Any info would great.


I’m going to claim ignorance.
I did learn where New Caledonia is, but I’m not clear about The Lost Coast. New Caledonia is oriented NW to SE, so I’m not sure what the SE coast would be, either.

I learned that Paul Caffyn circumnavigated New Caledonia, on a lunch break from circling Australia, but I couldn’t find an account of his New Caledonia trip.

Google Earth shows some settlements, some roads, some apparent barrier reefs, and in places the photography is good enough to make guesses about landing conditions.

Somwhere, someone must have posted trip reports, but I went 10 pages deep into Google and didn’t spot any.