Paddling in Norway: General question

Hello. We’re planning a sea kayak trip from Tromso up North in August.

I’m a bit concerned about tide wave speed and height. As I’ve noted from maps, height is about 2-3 meters. Do I need to bring a kayak trolley along? Are intertidal zones big in the North Norway?

I would also love to hear some advice on what to bring along to this kind of trip. Thank you!

contact Alv Elvvestad at Pakboat
Alv Elvestad, the founder of Pakboat, the folding kayak company headquartered in New Hampshire, is originally from Norway and often goes back there to kayak and canoe. He is pretty good about corresponding if you email him via the PakBoat website (though at this time of year he may be in Norway – he seems to be semi-retired at 71.) And there may be others at Pakboat who have also been to Norway.

Here’s an interview with him a couple of years ago: