Paddling in Ohio

I’m going to be working in Ohio this month (March) and will bring my kayak with me. I am from Virginia. Looking through these forums, I ran across this: USCG on patrol at least three times and thrice was asked if my boat had its OH number sticker. Carry your boat registration and safety gear.

What sort of registration and OH number sticker do I need to paddle around Youngstown and in Lake Erie? Thanks.

One month visit
you do not need to register your boat in Ohio

Yeah, I’ve gone from Georgia to Ohio
and paddled on busy rivers, and I was never asked about registration. Just have some ID showing your out-of-state status.

25 bucks saved
Thanks to you both. I wasn’t looking forward to getting that sticker. Thanks and safe paddling.

those Ohio stickers are big and ugly anyways. I hate putting those on my kayak

For an additional fee…
…of modest amount (can’t recall $'s), there’s an alternative option. You get a small sticker that can be placed inside the cockpit and can forego the tacky external ID.

For location suggestions…
…the south end of Lake Milton can be interesting. Likewise West Branch isn’t too bad but last week the water level was still low (should be shutting the dam about now).

Presently the lake water temps are slightly above freezing and rolling in that water is …ah… intense.