Paddling in PA

I’m very new and have only gone in lakes up to this point. I would love to start adventuring onto rivers. Poconos would be great. How do you get information on access points and what to expect. I’d love any help I can get. Thanks!

Gotta Getta Gertler
Keyston Canoeing by Ed Gertler is the Bible for PA Paddlers.

BMO keeps this book in stock.

Yes, I have that book and it’s really
good. If you want to paddle the Upper Delaware (class I & II) and are available on Monday, Tuesday or Thursday just send me an e-mail. I’m always looking for a shuttle partner.


Here ya go…
This will help you out if ya want to run the Lehigh River

And a site for the Delaware River

This PA Fish and Boat Commission site lists improved boat put-in points linked to a PA map.

I absolutely echo the advise to get Keystone Canoeing.

Ed G…
…I think I may have asked this before, but is he still living? Does he ever do public appearances/lectures? What a guy!! Would gladly shake his hand & thank him for all his efforts to share his considerable knowledge with all of us.

Paddling in PA
Thank you so much for all your help! The sites look like they will be alot of help and it looks like I have some reading to do. I’m 20 minutes from Lehigh so I will try that out. Thanks again for everyones help.


Try the Schuylkill
You can link to the Schuylkill River Greenways association from the pa fish commission web site, they have really great maps of the Schuylkill available. Or you may be able to buy the copies somewhere else. I got mine at A&N Outfitters in Wyomissing.

Last summer we paddled on the Schuylkill every week, this year it has been alot less and the water is much lower, but we’ve gone from Auburn down to Gibralter and all of it has been really nice, even the sections around Reading.

With the rain friday the schuylkill is good.

however in a few days it will be down again in the berks co. area.This just means that every so often you need to get out and walk alittle.No problem with a rec. or s.o.t.

I’m from west Hamburg so I’m partial to the s.schuylkill-n. berks section.(and plenty of places to put in or take out)

Promised Land,Pecks Pond ,and Shaholla all offer hours of paddling plenty of scenery,(ospre or eagles)And no powerboats.

PA kayak permit
Please be warned. You must have a boaters permit to paddle on state water in PA. I was issued a $70 ticket for paddling without a permit on Mauch Chunk Lake in Jim Thorpe PA. I have nevered heard of such a rediculous thing but true. I would have been glad to purchase one had I known. When the boat cop was giving me the ticket, I really thought it was a joke and that a TV crew was going to pop out of the woods for some reality TV show.


Boat Nazis
Must watch out for the Boat Nazis. If they wave and say hello, pretend you don’t hear them and paddle the opposite direction. It helps to be bilingual because you can ramble in a foreign tongue if they corner you.

Does this include state RIVERS?

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I've started to do Yough,Casselman,etc. around that neck of the woods...I know, dumb question, water is water...

You don’t need a permit on the rivers, you do need it to use State launches on the rivers, so just make sure you don’t put in at a state or fish commission launch.

It went down fast

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(the Schuylkill I mean) The level at Berne was down yesterday already, to around 5 ft, so we went from Riverfront park in Reading to Gibraltar today and the level was great for that.

Keystone Canoeing
I have Keystone Canoeing and it’s just what I was looking for. I was also thinking of starting on the Schuylkill but was concerned about water levels. I’m in between Reading and Allentown so could try Lehigh as well. It seems there is alot more to learn than I expected. I’m going on vacation next week so I’ll have to plan a trip for next month. I’ve bookmarked all the sites so I have plenty of help thanks to all of you. I appreciate it.



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From West Hamburg, that's a big place, lol. I grew up out near Windsor Castle, but I now live in Pine Grove. Anyhow, we have a small group of paddlers just over the mtn. from you (in Schuylkill County) that paddle pretty regular. If you want to hook up sometime send me an e-mail.