paddling in Patagonia

Has anyone had experience paddling in Patagonia with an outfitter ?

I’m interested in going there in January. I’ve had 15 years of paddling

experience and would only be interested in a single kayak.

Begal Canal in a double

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My wife and I did our very first paddling in an inflatable double with an outfitter in Ushuaia Argentina. If I remember correctly we found them through the local tourism bureau. I wasn't a paddler at the time so a hardshell single wasn't a priority at the time. Part way through our boat started losing air, we fell behind the rest of the group and just generally didn't have fun. It's amazing that we ever became more serious paddlers but I guess the beauty of the place made up for the challenges.

Have fun. Chile and Argentina are both great places and I hope to make it back one day.

Just bring your own

I would think
Expediciones Chile with Chris Spelius would be one of the foremost outfitters down there.

Feathercraft K1