Paddling in the Florida Keys

Can anyone direct me to a good kayak outfitter in the Florida Keys and/or provide any advice about kayaking in the area. I am an intermediate paddler looking to do a bit of sea kayaking for the first time and some paddling “inside” the Keys. Thank you in advance.

Florida Bay Outfitters on Key largo
for the outfitter

You are asking a very broad question ?

will you be in the upper, the middle or the lower Keys?

Do you have your own boat ?

Do you have a GPS?

About what length trip(s) are you looking for?

Can you do off shore paddling (open crossings)

I have about a hundred trips and could pick out a few and send them to you, but I would need some info to pick out ones that are suitable



Paddling in the Florida Keys
Thank you for your response. I am happy to clarify.

I will be camping in Key Largo for 2 nights and then in Sugerloaf for 2, but I will have a car and am looking to paddle in a number of the Keys in between. I can do an open crossing of a mile with ease, but don’t want to do much more than that. I am also looking to paddle in the mangrove areas.

I do not have a kayak or canoe, so will be renting one. Also no GPS, but can rent one.

Send me a private e-mail and I’ll …
attach some good trips.

I’ll have to reformat them if I attach them here