Paddling in the Nashville, TN. area

I will soon be moving to the Nashville area and was wondering if anyone knows the area as far as Rivers and Lakes to paddle…

Hope the snakes don’t get me !!!

You will find lots of places to dip a paddle here in the Heartland. Might I suggest you check out, which is the Tennessee Scenic Rivers Association. Lots of great folks and a great organization with clinics, schools, organized trips, (both WW and flat). If you like wilderness trips, you will not be far from the LBL (Land Between the Lakes) with backcountry camping, lakes and ponds to paddle and of course Kentucky Lake & Barkley Lake which will give you enough shore line to last you a life time.


Thanks for the website I will check that

It looks like I will be getting an apartment in the Hendersonville area and live there a spell till I get the areas scoped.

Thanks again


Some links at this thread:

The Tennessee Landforms and Corps of Engineers sites are very helpful for maps and distances.

Thanks for the info…