Paddling in Westchester County-Magazine

Hi Everyone,

I am writing an article on waterways in Westchester County, NY for Westchester Magazine and am looking to find the best destinations for kayaking, canoeing, SUP-any and all of the above. I would love recommendations and quotes. Please email me with any advice!


Katrina Brewer

off 684
Actually passed a large body of water yesterday. We were driving on 684 and got off at Katonah (sp?) and took Rte 35 East going towards Ridgefield CT. But along the way in NY we passed a huge body of water. Maybe someone here can explain more. I am interested in paddling that area, let us know when your article comes out, sounds cool.

my old stomping ground
Sounds like you saw the reservoirs. This was my old stomping grounds when I was a kid. I did lots of fishing in those reservoirs.

Unfortunately, I believe the rules are the same as when I was there - only boat allowed in the reservoirs are john boats and similar row boats. No kayaks, canoes, SUPs, etc.

I suspect the best paddling would be on the Hudson, like at Peekskill or Croton. Or down in the Sound.

Saw a rental place when I was back in NY last summer at Peekskill called Atlantic Kayak Tours that may be worth a check.