paddling in western pa

I am trying to plan a trip out in western pa for sept. I have never been there and am looking for some suggestions. We will be planning a 2-3 day trip, looking for some narrow canyons, good camping, and moderate whitewater. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You

Any western PA whitewater trip has to include Ohiopyle,PA one of my favorite places to paddle, hike, and mountain Bike. The town is surrounded by state park, and full of outfitters, cheap restaurants, and paddler friendly bars. The Youghiogheny river runs right through town, and Ohiopyle Falls is the centerpiece.

Ohiopyle is the only place I know that a paddler can walk right through town dressed for the river, PFD, helmet and all, and not even raise an eyebrow if you sit down for a quick breakfast dressed that way. Right there in town you have your choice of the Middle Yough ( class 1-2) or the Lower Yough ( Class 2-3) river, plus the chance to run a class 4 waterfall if your up to it!

There is an Upper Yough river too, but that’s about an hour away in Maryland, and Class 4+. There is a whitewater park about an hour away in Maryland as well, the ASCI park is worth a visit , call first though to make sure they are open.

There are a number of private camptgrounds in the area, and also a beautiful State park to camp in, canyons to hike in, waterfalls to see ( don’t miss Cucumber falls, it’s beautiful, and a 5 minute hike), and even natural rock waterslides to ride in after your done paddling for the day.

Before you ask…No, I don’t work for the Ohiopyle chamber of commerce , I just love the place. :slight_smile: I just got back from a 4 day weekend there, biking, paddling, and hiking, and wish I was headed back already.

I agree with all said about Ohiopyle and surrounding area,plus there is Falling Water,Frank Loydd Wrights home,another worthwhile trip