paddling jacker - what have I got

I’m relatively new to kayaking having really gone out only a few times. I did invest in a used Dagger recreational kayak recently and enjoyed fooling around in it this past summer and fall. My question: recently my wife picked up a paddling jacket from a friend for me but I’m not exactly sure what I’ve got. It’s a non-zippered jacket with a neopreme type double waist band and heavy nylon top. The only logo I could find on it was MTI Kinetic Systems. It seems to be very high quality and pretty heavy duty. Could anyone out there enlighten me as what I have here? Comments about the company? A website, etc.?

Many thanks.

I’d start here
This would most likely be where I would start looking. If it’s not in here, they have phone numbers and email addresses around the site

PS - - Yes folks - - I know - - But I can’t do tinyurl from work.