Paddling-Kayak Personal Checks

Sent an e-mail to regarding the lack of personal checks with paddles and/or kayaks and Kevin Hoeksema suggested posting my request here, thereby involving many paddlers in my search.

Recently it was time for me to replenish my personal checks and, once again, I spent a lot of time checking out all the different Check Printing Companies looking for a check with a paddle … kayak … and, once again, no luck. I looked at hundreds of check styles. They have checks for extreme sports, cancer, dogs, cats, horses, Disney characters, Warner characters, wild animals, cars (racing, muscle, classic, go-carts too), mountains, flags, colleges, professional sports, sail boats, motorcycles, bicycles and the list goes on and on and on and on … but no paddlers. My conclusion is that we’re the orphans of the personal check printing companies’ designers.

I agree with Kevin Hoeksema … if anyone can help, it’s one of you who often times have a paddle in one hand and a kayak in the other. Has anyone come across the type of personal check design I’m looking for? Does anyone know someone who works for a Check Printing Company and might be able to whisper in his/her ear??

Barbara G. Figler

this should be easy…
send me all your banking info.



that guy in nigeria

Photo checks
Some check printing companies will copy a photo, like one of your boat and they print it on your checks for you, at a cost of course. Start with your bank.


Or maybe Brent could contact a company and get us a PERKS discount!

or …

You can get ANYTHING on checks
You can get your OWN photos on them. Why settle for stock images?

Personally, I only write 2-3 checks a year anymore - so not worth bothering for me - but if interested all you have to do is search for “photo checks”. MANY people offer these. Even Wal-Mart!

I do have a credit card that will let me put an image of my boat on it, but haven’t bothered yet. Don’t use the card as it has high rate.

go here
and bang the link for their .gifs and clipart

Also Google for “kayak” or “kayak paddle” etc but search by Image instead of web site… some line drawings should pop up that might replicate well.

Paddling-Kayak Personal Checks
Who knew you could put a photo on your check … thanks to all. Next batch of check will have my fat stubby kayak OR a cool piece of kayak clip art. Thanks again.

Photos for a long time…
I knew someone the put his new wifes picture on some checks but only used them to send alimony to his ex…

How can I put this…

Nobody cares about we paddlers except other paddlers. So, unless you’re going to be sending us some checks, just get a check that looks “official”. If you put kayaks on your checks, people will just think you’re a bit odd.

We know you’re a bit odd.

That’s ok…

so are we.

Sadly - a VERY good point! NM

Buying checks from Brent - Good idea
I’d much rather pay a little more to have checks I like from a private business person who has my appreciation already.

Hint - Brent - We might/would buy checks with kayaks and canoes and paddles and such if you offered them.

I bought my business card holder from PNet - every year I use it for the four months I’m working my second job. When the hours get long and I get tired, I look at it and think that any money that doesn’t go toward bills - goes toward paddling.