Paddling Keuka Lake (NY)


I’ll be staying at Keuka Lake (one of the Finger Lakes in NY) for a few days starting this weekend, and wanted to ask if there are any can’t-miss paddling spots, fishing spots, or wineries/restaurants. My wife and I aren’t real serious fisherpeople, but we like to bring a fishing rod on the canoe with us and cast or troll a bit. I also think it’d be cool to paddle up to a restaurant, bar, or winery, if there’s anywhere one can do that on the lake.


Sorry I didn’t see this sooner. Go to Bully Hill winery. They have ok wines, but a cool story.

Bully Hill is my cheap NY go-to, so it’s on the list for sure!

I would check out Penn Yan at the north end…

Anything specific in Penn Yan?

No, not really. I have not been there since the late 80s. My old roommate’s parents won the NY State lottery and bought a waterfront home on Keuka. We used to paddle up to Penn Yan, dock at the waterfront restaurant/bar and paddle back at night. I have been to several of the Finger Lakes but Keuka was my favorite.

The Wooden Canoe Heritage Association used to have their annual Assembly on Keuka Lake. It can be a Nasty lake… At nine am during the four days of the assembly there were already three foot breaking waves. That lake did not obey the rule of calm morning… Its bowl shaped and with the rough water not very appealing. I really don’t know if the rough water is a recent phenomenon with the increasing use of high power motor boats including ballasted wake board boats. That is an issue on my home lake that we are addressing at this time… The wake board boats make four foot tall wakes that tear everything apart and make misery for some users.