Paddling Land between the Lakes Area

Has anyone done this paddle recently? Plan to go Oct 5th thru 8th. Will be driving in from Nashville. Any advise will be appreciated.

There is a nice article . . .
in this month’s issue of Sea Kayaker:

Sounds like a great place to paddle.

Have fun!

A lot of info can be had, including detailed maps of the lakes and campgrounds in .pdf format at

The weekend you’re planning will be smack in the middle of Fall school break for districts in that area, so may be harder to get a good campsite than at other times during the Fall months.

We’ve not been, but plan to camp, paddle the area soon.


Plan on primitive camping
Will be using our Hennessy Hamocks. I checked LBL web site and they aloud primitive camping anywhere except roads and grave yards! So we won’t be using the camp grounds except maybe the facilities.

Full trip report please when you get ba
I want to do this trip again, but its been almost 33 years since the last time and my memory is vague…i do recall it was 50 miles in a canoe.

It looks like a great area
Take time for a meal at Patty’s 1880 settlement. We had lunch there Fri while passing thru $17 is a lot for a pork chop but it’s worth it. Enjoy your trip. Randy

E-mail boyscout.
He is a local, and has extensive knowledge of this area. He has a couple of threads on the Discussion Board. Just go to his thread, and click on his e-mail to contact him.

For camping sites…
contact the owner of “Hooper’s Outdoor Center” in Paducah, KY. He leads a group every spring around the Land Between the Lakes and is familiar with camping sites, etc.

There is also a shop called “Kayak Kountry” in Grand Rivers, KY which is very close to the Northern Entrance to LBL who can help with info about the lakes.

If you need any brochures or other info on the area, just let me know. I can send or at least point you in the right direction.

The lakes are a great place to paddle!



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Hoopers is a good place to check with. theowner is realy nice and happy to help as well as the other folks. Kentucky Kayak kountry is another good choice( check out the fudge shop in same building). if you camp back country you will need a back country camping permit. if interested there are plenty of nice places to camp next to the water.(would mark on a map if you would like)LBL has plenty of usefull info on there wedsite. and would be glad (shcedule permiting) to show you the Little River were i do most of my paddling.
if the rain is good the next two weeks the levals should be pretty nice.