Paddling Log format?

I need to start a paddling log book, and can’t find much on the net in the way of a format for this. Anyone have suggestions?


I know that …
Paddling.Net has one for sale in the misc. section of their shopping section. You might be able to get an idea from that. If not, ask Brent to email a sample of it. Can’t hurt to ask. I did see one somewhere that was water resistant. I think Piragis online.


If you are talking about individual…
trips, I can e-mail you a sample of one of mine.

I have about fifty of them all in the same format, and have improved on the format so that they would be of benefit to anyone that wants to do that particular trip.



Check with the BCU folk
Alan, I think any one of the BCU coaches you know would have a clear idea of what works (and what the BCU expects) for a paddling log.

trip format
I’ve kept one for many years and glad I did.

At first I had a very detailed format with a seperate line for every conceivable item but found that to be too hard to use so simplified but left ample space for general notes.

My format includes:

date, venue, put-in location/take-out location, put-in time/take-out time, guage reading and guage name, hull paddled, and, group members.

Just a line for each then a header that reads “Notes” so I can include general items of unusual significance such as driving directions, river hazards, shuttle situations and costs, etc. It works for me. Hope this helps.


Oak, elm or “The Larch”

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Ah' finds ah' take a hankerin' fer cherry as my choice of log ah' takes a'paddlin'. Yuppies usually bring DuraFlames.


If ah' wood (git it) ever keep a trip log, ah'd record - where, when, how long, dangers, weather, mileage, neat stuff seen along de way, chicks dat turned me down fer a date an' restaurants dat ah's got thrown out of after de trip. Wat more?