Paddling logicstic in Saguenay, Quebec ?

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I did a search and surprisingly didn't turn up much. I understand it's a place to see the whales. And the scenery is very nice also.

I've got some basic information from browsing the web, though much of it were outfitter run packages. I would like to get some first hand logistic information from independent paddlers such as when to go, where to camp, where to paddle etc.

Also, is tide a significant issue? If so, where's the best place to find tidal current information...

Have you checked

You have a good chance of finding info on that site.

The tides in the fjord definitely make a difference.

You need to time your days so you’re never fighting the tide. If you get a late start, miss the tide, and the wind picks up it can really suck. The landing spots are few and far between, for the most part you’ll land at the campsites. I remember eating lunch sitting on the kayak in two feet of water because their are so few landing spots, it is a fjord after all.

This was all before we got down to the bay of eternity.

Where do you find tide info?

Tide info

Look up Tadoussac

Bergeronnes near Tadoussac
A lot of people from go to the Bergeronnes near Tadoussac to see whales.

They camp at

There are always some place available.

You could go from there, good place to start.

Plenty of whales, and if you want personal adventure, depart from there and go as far as you want.

If your willing to drive a bit farther the Mingan islands are well worth it. You do need a serious kayak and some experience to paddle there. Water taxis will take you off to camp on the islands also… You can really see stars from those islands… nothing there. Great isolation! Check first as there’s not a lot of camping spots and you should reserve via parks canada.