Paddling Louisiana to the Keys

-- Last Updated: Nov-04-12 8:55 PM EST --

I'm have paddled from MN to the Gulf solo and now I'm going to continue my Great Loop quest. I will be re-starting in the Baton Rouge area around Nov 20, 2012 and getting on the ICW in New Orleans

Are there any kayaking outfitters in the New Orleans area that can help me out? I am looking for a place to stay one night in New Orleans before I pass the industrial lock and head east in the ICW. Probably be there around the Nov 23.
Check out my web page from my previous Mississippi trip

Well, if my daughter’s house right next
to the Industrial Canal were not going to be crowded with family visitors that night, maybe she could help you out. There aren’t any motel/hotel facilities right around there, and I don’t recommend camping on the levee, because of occasional robberies.

I would recommend you get back on Google Earth and scout the canal area from space. I’m assuming you mean the Industrial Canal. If you got through the canal first, maybe options would be better on the Lake Ponchertrain side. There are state parks with camping options, and maybe motels in Slidell, etc, to which you could cart the boat.

Thanks for the reply! I’m actually going to head from the Mississippi into the canal and on East. I don’t think going to into the big lake will help me with that too much.