Paddling low water on the Upper Arkansas

I’m getting a new ducky and I’d like to go on a paddle on the upper Arkansas river between Buena Vista and Canon City. I’d like to hear from anyone who has tried this in low water. It’s November so water is less than 300 cfs in upper basin near granite and about 525 cfs near Salida. I don’t mind walking over gravel bars and I’m just looking for some peace and quiet on the river. Don’t mind winter camping. TIA Andy

Ask the Mountain Buzzards
Post this on mountainbuzz and you’ll get everything you need.

Ice Dams
I’m too late for this year. We had a cold snap and ice dams form at higher elevations-too hazardous to paddle. I might try from Canon City to Pueblo just for grins.Thx for the reply.Andy

Google Earth
offers a low water view of the river.

place bar n chute coordinates into your GPS handheld

l 000.000 R 000.000 LC 000.000 ect