Paddling Magazines with Fishing Articles

Does anyone know of any kayak fishing type publications or kayaking publications with fishing articles?

Canoe and Kayak Mag
featured fishing kayaks a couple of months ago. It was an OK article and the comparison chart was OK. Mostly it was nice to see the sport get some attention.

Did a small article on kayak/canoe fishing last year. I think it was in the same issue where they reviewed some fishing kayaks. There aren’t any pubs I’m aware of that concentrate on kayak fishing yet, we’re still a fringe sport. However, there is an excellent book “Kayakfishing: The Revolution”, by Ken Daubert. Very informative and easy reading.

July 2003 Canoe and Kayak
The entire issue was pretty much devoted toward SOT, with some reviews on Fishing SOTs, pretty general. More for people new to the sport. like me:)

several in texas
Don’t know if it matters where the fishing is but we have a couple of regular kayak fishing articles in Texas… Saltwater Angler (nothing fancy but great fishing reports & stories, new kayak column!) and Gulf Coast Connections ( a couple of pages of kayak info.)

The Boundary Waters Journal
It’s somewhat region-specific, but techniques described there would be good for any clear, rocky, northern lake. I think they typically have one nice fishing article per issue (four issues per year).

A book on
KAYAKFISHING: THE REVOLUTION. I ordered it today, seems to have great user reviews. you might want to look into it.