Paddling Manitoulin Island

Hi, I’m new to this community board, and I’m hoping you can help me out. I’m aiming to do a kayak trip around Manitoulin Island with a buddy this coming summer, and we need some advice. Does anyone have first-hand knowledge, or know a good source of information for finding out about paddling Manitoulin - places to camp, resupply, any waterway dangers to be aware of, and so on?
I’m also trying to find out whether there is a decent place to launch kayaks where the ferry docks at Manitoulin.
Any advice, or potential contacts, would be HUGELY appreciated as I plan this trip.
Thanks very much,

Manitoulin Island part of Georgian bay . Never paddled that part of Georgian bay but as far as water you just filter it. Bringing your own water is not needed. Paddling around the whole thing is about 200 miles. I will assume you are doing this over a week or two? I have only paddled the east part of the bay over the past few years. Those are smaller islands with no roads or anything for that mater. There are roads on this island and looks some what built up with stores and what not. Not really an isolated paddle. Should be plenty of places to resupply. Not sure about bears on this island. I have seen black bears on the smaller islands in the east part of Georgian bay. No idea about camping on this island as like I said it looks like its fairly populated just looking at google earth. BUT I have never been there so really sure. Anything else you need? looks pretty populated to me 12000 people!

Camping info. A sizable chunk is FN reserve and normally they do not permit camping. Though you might or not be able to get permission.

Looks like a beautiful place. So many places, so little time.

@string said:
Looks like a beautiful place. So many places, so little time.

My paternal grandmother was from Sarnia. Maybe I need re-establish contact with some Canadian cousins, eh?