Paddling Manitoulin Island

Hi, I’m new to this forum and I’m hoping you could help me out. I’m aiming to do a kayak trip around Manitoulin Island with a buddy this summer, and we need some advice. Does anyone have first-hand knowledge, or know a good source of information for finding out about paddling Manitoulin - places to camp, resupply, any waterway dangers to be aware of, and so on?
I’m also trying to find out whether there is a place to launch kayaks where the ferry docks at Manitoulin - that’s probably where we’d come in.
Any advice, or potential contacts, would be HUGELY appreciated as I plan this trip.
Thanks very much,

For starters you’ll need permission from the Wikwemikong First Nation to camp anywhere on the island. I’d be checking this out before going any further.

Sparky does that apply to the entire island?

I have paddled only around Philip Edward Island . I know about camping on Pt Grondine. But I was not aware that the FN controlled camping all around Manitoulin. ( I did know about the eastern part where the Reserve is)

I jumped the gun a bit on that answer, but the new facts I have don’t change much. You’re right about the Wikwemikong First Nation, however when I checked out the land use map the majority of remaining land is private and reserve - ie, no crown land. My guess is that the remainder of the island consists of private and “disputed” land.

Purple - First Nations/Reserve
Yellow - General Use Crown Land
Grey - Private
Green - Conservation Reserve, or similar

I quickly charted out a circumnavigation route that stays close to the island and limits crossings to about 2-5km. The total distance of the route pictured below is 390km (242 miles). We have no idea as to the experience and skill level of the OP, but I will assume it is lower until otherwise informed. Roughly figuring a distance of 15km per day, we start off with 26 days. At 4/5 paddling days to wind bound days, this increases to about 32 days. At 3/5, make that 43 days. Do check my math, but I think I’m in the right ballpark here.

Bottom line, this is NOT a trip for the inexperienced, even if you could legally and ethically camp. There’s a chance you might find other lodgings, like B&B’s but there would be some serious research involved in planning this trip. There are lots of areas that look like they’d get very nasty in windy/wavy conditions.

I suggest you try Philip Edward Island first. Plan your trip so that you have some challenging weather when on the south side and that will give you a taste of what to expect going around Manitoulin. On a good day you can see Manitoulin in the distance from the south side of PEI (not to be confused with PRINCE Edward Island). You can circumnavigate PEI over a long weekend and I’m pretty sure it’s still crown land. This could be changing at any point though so make sure to do your research there too.