Paddling Mississippi

I’m starting some research on a trip next year where I (with a small group of friends) will be paddling the Mississippi starting at the headwaters in Itasca. All paddlers will be experienced, but none have paddled this journey.

If you’ve paddled starting at Itasca, I’d like to know what the average distance per day is that you’ve traveled, obstacles you’ve encountered and any advice you can give. Thanks!

I did it . . .
. . . last year. It took me 69 days, comes out to around 35 miles/day. Folks have gone faster and slower.

google and contact this guy

john rusky

quapaw canoe company clarksdale Miss.

he is a legend on the missisisppi…

good luck

doing most of it, leaving in 8 days

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I will be doing 2/3 (or so) of the trip starting in about 1 week. You can track my speed as I hope to be able to update my status through my facebook page "paddle through it"