Paddling near Brigantine, NJ?

We’re going to be vacationing around Brigantine, NJ this summer and are trying to figure out whether we should bother hauling our kayaks down with us.

We live in upstate NY and normally enjoy paddling on small rivers and creeks, Finger Lakes, embayments of Lake Ontario… that sort of thing.

Does anybody know if there is any good paddling around Brigantine, NJ that’s not wide open water? Something more like small water or protected areas?

Thanks in advance.

Lots of terrific paddling

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near Brigantine. Definitely bring your boats!

Here is a link to JSSKA's launch site. Hopefully you will be able to access it without having to join our message board. It is a terrific resource!



bring the yaks
plenty of places to paddle…egg harbor,back bay also can go fishing or crabbing.

Bring bug spray
The knats, and green head flys of the back bay will drive you crazy otherwise.

Still, that’s just a matter of being prepared. The bug situation is very weather/wind direction dependant. So, just be prepared.

That said, a short drive from Brigantine is the Jersey Pine Barrens. Lots of great paddling there. SOTs can do any of the rivers. For sea kayaks I recco the Mullica River at Crowley’s Landing. About a 40 minute drive from the island. And for a relaxing day of practcing your wet exits nothing beats beautiful Lake Oswego, a small non commercial pine barren’s lake.

As posted the JSSKA is an excellent resource.

Check out the JSSKA launch site! I belong to that club and it’s an excellent source. You can pick out each site according to the part of NJ you are visiting.

If you want some EXCELLENT kayaking try out the Pine Barrens. I love this area and do down there all the time! You can rent boats or have your own kayaks shuttled with Mick’s Canoe rental or with Belhaven paddlesports

Both these places can set you up with rentals and/or trips down the various rivers (Wading, Mullica, Batso, Oswego).

If you do a google search on the NJ Pinelands you will get a bunch of info. Another good source is the book “Paddling the Jersey Pine Barrens” by Robert Parnes.

If you like bigger water there’s the lower Mullica river out of Crowley’s Landing or Nacote Creek, puts you in the marshes near the bay and makes for some beautiful paddling and sightseeing.