Paddling near Columbus Georgia

Any suggestions for easy whitewater or flatwater paddling near Columbus, Georgia. A scenic river with nothing over easy class 2 would be great, but whitewater isn’t a requirement. Day trips or overnight a possibility.


Georgia has been almost as dry as TX
but a system just coming through may change that for some locales. There’s a good guidebook for Georgia that covers just about every real possibility.

Whitewater in the piedmont is intermittent. If it had water, Flat Shoals Creek would give you a few flat miles and then half a mile of class 2 ledges. If you could get over to the Flint, between hwy 36 and Pobiddy Road is class 3 (long) Yellowjacket Shoals and several lesser shoals.

Most whitewater on the Chattahoochee is under reservoirs, but a few surfing spots can be found below dams.

Also check the river information pages, and consider joining. They omit only the easiest runs.

Thanks g2d
Good to know about the dry conditions. We are just kicking around the idea of a road trip that direction in the spring. Maybe the rain will catch up by then. We could probably go a couple of hours in any direction from Columbus.

Detour, Rob
You can always go by way of the southern Ozarks, I guarantee you we’ll have enough water somewhere!

Watch the gauge on Hatchet Creek
in Alabama. Needs 600 cfs or more. Info on AW and elsewhere, including