Paddling near Cordele, GA

Anyone have suggestions on places to paddle near Cordele, GA.? Put-ins & take-outs? Thanks in advance. KK

The Flint and Lake Blackashear
are strong possibilities. The Ocmulgee is not far away to the east. These rivers are coastal plain cypress swamp systems in the Cordele region.

You are likely to find boat ramps at highway crossings. What I suggest, this being summer with low river flows, is that you go to a river crossing and paddle upstream as far as you like, and then back again. Islands are fairly frequent, so you can take one side upstream and the other down.

It may help you to look at the rivers on Google Earth satellite photography. This can tell you which parts are nice swampy areas with sandbars, and which are less interesting agricultural areas. A corduroy appearance to forest means tree farming, but that isn’t necessarily bad.

The Welander/Sehlinger/Otey guidebook, “A Canoeing and Kayaking Guide to Georgia,” is helpful.