Paddling near Evansville Indiana

Does anyone know any sedate lake spots to kayak near Evansville Indiana? Even a small body of water to paddle around in would be ok.


Look at your other thread

Don’t you still have a river?
You did when I lived there…(during their last ice age.) Has it disappeared?

Check out the Indiana DNR website as they list public use areas and the Indiana canoe trails. Google Earth will show all the lakes as well. I fly over that area a lot. You have numerous lakes in your area.

Now that you mention it
I seem to recall noticing some water when driving between Evansville and Henderson Kentucky.

The problem with the Ohio is that there is considerable barge traffic and they kick up quite a wake.

hovey lake might be interesting in mt. vernon. could do some fishing to. we are pretty much in a dead zone for good paddling around here though.