Paddling Near Fairport NY?

I may have to work a few days in Fairport. Thinking I might drive out so that I can bring a boat.

I like most everything except small ponds and rapids more than Cl III.

Any favorites?



How about?
There’s this little lake called Ontario.

There is also this

Lock 32

You’ll be very close to the Lock 32 Whitewater Park, built on the spillway of Lock 32 of the Erie-Barge Canal. Google for more information or visit



Erie Canal
Tommy the Erie Canal runs right thru Fairport NY. You can paddle east to Albany and west to Buffalo. The section from Fairport to Pittsford is nice and scenic, we use it for training runs. Nearby is Irondequoit Bay, the Genesee River, Canandaigua Lake is the nearest Finger Lake, Irondequoit Creek, And countless other possibilities within 45 minutes of Fairport.

Email me and we can set-up some paddling while you are in town. I live in Greece, 30minutes away; but paddle often on weekday evenings with friends who live closer to Fairport. We often meet at the liftbridge on the Canal in Fairport or in Macedon to the east about 10 minutes.

If driving and bringing a boat makes your trip difficult, i can lend you a boat, pfd and paddle. Have a J-180, Mocassin, tandems and war canoe in yard.


The erie canal is nice, flat…If you head about 20 minutes east to Palmyra, there is a section called “widewaters” that is just that…wide. That is 20 minutes by car, not kayak!

Also there is Irondequoit Bay, which has a great little canoe and kayak shop: Oak Orchard Canoe and Kayak Experts. Very friendly people, and they do rent kayaks…if you didnt bring your own.

Kayaking? Wha?
People still paddle those things?

Teasing LOL. I’m a canoe guy. Only feel right on my knees.

Thanks for the Oak Orchard tip though I’ll check it out if get out there.


Hemlock and Canadice Lakes

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Two of the prettiest lakes in the region, just 25 minutes south of Fairport, are Hemlock and Canadice. If you time it right on a Thursday evening, you might run into a guy at one of the put-ins who makes a damn fine open boat.