Paddling near Myrtle Beach SC?

I have a SC friend who has never paddled before. I don’t live in SC. I’m looking for suggestions of somewhere she could rent a kayak near Myrtle Beach (where she lives) and paddle something simple, preferably a river. Do all the rivers in that area have too much current to do an out-and-back and you need to shuttle instead? Any advice on where she might want to go? I think a coastal paddle would be a bit much to start with, better a flat river. Thanks in advance.

Never paddled before to me, means she should go on a paddle tour. She will be safer that way and get some (very) basic instruction.

One company that I had a good experience with is North Myrtle Beach - J & L Kayaking (

They do several different tours in the area, the one we went on was their Waties Island Kayak Tour. They do all the planning etc., all you do is show up.

There are several other tour operators that run similar tours in the area, just search for Myrtle Beach kayak tours.

There are kayak rentals on Pawleys Island/ Murrell’s Inlet. Paddling the marsh is a favorite activity.
You need to have someone who understands tides or a guide.
The Waccamaw River is a good place to paddle near the areas above.

Thanks so much for the help!

Black River Outdoors covers the area also. I have seen them at Murrell’s Inlet and on the Waccamaw.