Paddling near Myrtle Beach

I have a convention in Myrtle Beach in mid March. Any suggestions on the best 1/2 day paddles within a 30 mile radiius? I will have all my own gear.

google murrells inlet sc
its about 20 mi south of myrtle beach

second Murrels Inlet…
Nice paddle in the salt marsh or from the beach of the state park just south of town.

And directly north of Murrell’s inlet

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is the Weeki Wacki landing on the Waccamaw River with a cut -through to the Pee Dee River.There are several creeks just across and up from the put-in that are old rice irrigation canals.

I launched out thru surf in glider. Reccomend helmet and wow it is fun to be watched by 1,000 people. Go a little from shore and do a 360 to mmake sure which motel. Love the ocean and do not like creatures lurking in swamps. Moorehead city and inland waterway is great. Problem with murrels inlet is make sure you know about tide out and in. Big surge of water

Creatures in swamps? I’ve been in there
many times and have seen an alligator, a bobcat, lots of bugs and spiders, a turtle or 2, but this time of year there won’t be much around.

More questions and thanks
I wanted to thank those who responded. The scary creatured back waters and the inlets all sound great. I think the hotel I am at is on the beach. Can I expect much surf? And what about water temperatures in mid March?

I was there this weekend
Cold wind but surf about 2 feet max. It looked like a piece of cake even for me, an old fart.

myrtle beach surf
the surf is usually biggest during the hours before and during high tide. average is around 3’, occasionally bigger. the surf is usually small around low tide, 1’ or less. all depends on the weather, wind direction, etc. my guess is the water temp will be around mid fifties.