Paddling near Phoenix Az

Picked up a book entitled “Paddling Arizona” and decided to try out a few around Phoenix next week. I have about 4 or five days. Thought I’d try out Apache Lake, Canyon Lake and Saguaro. This will be right after Easter Sunday which comes early this year. Had thought about delaying a week or two until Spring break is over… but it’s getting warmer.

Any comments from those with previous experience paddling the above lakes in terms of selection, camp sites, camp grounds things to see or things to avoid would be appreciated.

I usually travel solo. However if someone plans on paddling in the area nest week I’d enjoy the company. On flat water I typically cruist between 3.5 to 4 mph and cover 15 to 20 miles per day. I’m retired with no one but a wife to report to so my time is somewhat flexible.

Look up and go to the Arizona selection. They have some nice write ups on paddling choices for AZ. If you go be sure and report back as I have never paddled in the southwest.



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As an AZ transplant speaking:

Apache and Canyon Lakes are both nice..... Apache has a bit more people on it, but you can't go wrong with either of those. Heck of a neat drive to both of them. The drive through the Superstition Mountains is very scenic.

I miss those two lakes!

I don't know how the Salt River is this time of year, but I know people who have done that and liked it. You may want to look into it.