Paddling near Redmond Washington

Hi all,

Just moved here for a couple months this summer. I am trying to figure out the closest put-in’s for Lake Sammamish and others (whats a calm Ocean put in). Any clues? [I also posted in the BWCA forum as well … sorry for the double post]

Also, do you guys recommend any books, clubs etc for around here.

Thanks a ton in advance.



Padding near Redmond Washington
You can try Idylwood Park:

Idylwood Park

3650 W Lake Sammamish Pkwy NE, Redmond, WA

Just launch to the south of the beach near the fishing dock.

Absolutely! I’m not near my bookshelf,
but there are several good paddling guides for the NW (I presume you’re not just interested in King Co.). I’ll list them tomorrow. Same for paddling clubs. My son just took a sea kayaking class through the Mountaineers (they’re in the phone book), and I believe they organize outings. There’s at least one club in Seattle, and a good one in Puyallup. I just posted a description of Silver Lake, near Mt. St. Helens, on “Places to Paddle” on this site.

More to come. The NW is great paddling country for canoers and kayakers-lakes, rivers, the Sound, the Pacific, whitewater, etc.

More ideas:
1. I think the UW had a paddling club/rental operation, could provide ideas.

2. Go to the American Canoe Assn. website, which lists affiliated clubs in the U.S. There are several in the Seattle area with contact numbers.

3. The King Co. library system is bound to have lots of references.

4. Most outdoors-oriented shops carry the DeLorme series of books, 1 per state, of 11" x 15" topo maps. The one for WA shows boat ramps throughout the state, including Seattle.

5. Call the King Co. Parks/Recreation Dept-they may have paddler info.

6. Books I own which are useful for the area (may be in the library):

South Puget Sound Afoot and Afloat

Paddle Routes of Western WA, by Huser

Morgan’s Guide: Boat Launches & Ramps on Puget


7. Can’t remember, but the Mountaineers may have a library in Seattle.

If you’re able/interested in coming Olympia way, I could recommend some paddling near here. Emai me.

Where are you from, by the way?

Thanks …
all. The idyllwild park’s carry was a pain in the ***. Cannot do that again. Had knee surgery 6 weeks ago! My 55 lb Necky will put me in for another surgery with carries like that. Any other suggestions for stuff close to redmond?

I am visiting from Boulder Colorado! Originally from India, parents from Iran.

Anybody up for a San Juan trip from July 16th to 19th ? (Brother is getting married there on the 15 th!)


Check tthe “Getting Together”…
…message board on this site. Good luck.

Lake Washington Boat Launch
Enatai Beach Park, in South Bellevue is an easy place to lauch a boat on Lake Washington.