Paddling near Riverside RI

I have some family in Riverside RI, near the old Crescent Park Carousel. I thought I might do some paddling when I visit. Looks like there is a beach near there which is on the Providence River (at least I think it’s called the Providence River at that point). Bullock Cove is in the area. 100 Acre Cove is nearby as well.

Anybody paddle in this area? It looks fairly mild. (I know EMS does trips both up into Providence and in 100 Acre Cove). Is there alot of traffic?


paddling in providence
Information from twelve years ago, when I paddled many times in Providence, not in the immediate area of Riverside: Riverside is on Narragansett Bay, not the Providence River, which is a much smaller river running through downtown Providence. The bay is low-scale open water, can be pretty choppy when the wind is up, and there is some commercial traffic. I don’t know anything about the Bullock Cove waterway, but on the map it looks small and sheltered.

If you want to cartop a boat, there is acceptable launching into the Seekonk River along River Road in Providence. You have to choose a good piece of riprap to scramble over, but I did it many times. Then you have the choice of paddling south towards the harbor or north towards Pawtucket. More info if you’re interested.


Check out RICKA
you don’t say what time of year you’re going to be visiting, but check out the Rhode Island Canoe & Kayak Assn. website,

We have very active sea kayak, flatwater & whitewater groups and you can follow the links on the home page to the calendars for these groups. There are multiple trips every week during the warmer months.

We can also advise you on all the great local places to paddle. Email me before you come.