Paddling near Vancouver to view Orcas

I have a meeting in July at Vancouver, BC. My wife and I are in our mid-70’s. We are experienced paddlers, mostly in in-land areas like Colorado. We have paddled several times off of San Juan Island so have concerns about the tidal flows and associated white water. We would like to go over to Vancouver Island and paddle in protected waters with our kayaks where there is a fair chance of observing Orcas. Any recommendations for best locations or a guide?

BTW, I am listing on craigslist for Fort Collins, CO two high performance sailing kayaks, One is a Warren Little Wing 15.5 sailing kayak and the other is a CLC tandem sail with a Hobie Adventure Island sailrig.


Are you looking at multiple day tours, or day trips? In the 10-15 days or so I have paddled in the San Juans or Vancouver/Vancouver Island in areas that do get orcas, I have never seen orcas from kayak. Only time I have seen is from a whale watch tour. This is your best bet to have a good chance of seeing.