Paddling Nelo Viper 51 or 55?

Has anyone here had any experience paddling the Nelo Viper 51 or 55? I am looking for a boat that can do well in rough (like ocean bays, inlets, and similar areas) and flat water both rough and calm. How is the stability of these boats compared to an Epic 18x or similar boat? How does it handle different water types? What is the durability record of Nelos? Thanks.

Nelo Viper,etc ?
I had a Razor for a few years, which is apprently pretty similiar to the boats you are talking about. The Razor is pretty much a K1 Trainer - as these appear to be. The Razor is a bit tipper than an 18x, and much less rough water capable. (yours truly now has an 18x). Without bulkheads, these would not really be rough water boats. Even with floatbags, they still swamp when capsized. They will float enough to swim back in, or paddle with a lot of water still in the boat.

I think the 18x is about as fast as the Razor on flat water in a straight line. It definitely hands rough water better than the Razor. Epic says the weight limit for the 18x is about 210-215 lbs, and I would say a bit less for the Razor.

The build quality with Nelos that I’ve had is always really excellent. They are solid, are finished well, and just really hold up well for a lot of miles. The 18x I got this spring is holding up well, and it is clear that Epic has really gotten to a high level of quality manufacturing. The Epic 18x is something I chose over another boat like the Razor or Viper, partly because I weigh more than a K1 trainer can really support well. (just about 230lb). Even with my weight, the Epic 18x still moves faster than the old Endurance, in salt water.

Hope this helps. Good luck with whatever you choose.

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Agree with gregj,

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I have a KayakPro Jet and a Plastex Marathon Master,, both are along the lines and intent of the Nelo Vipers you mention. Definitely not open water boats like an 18X would be,,, and it's not like you'd be rolling them either. Cockpit openings are large for knees together paddling with no thigh braces, no bulkheads, so alot of water inside and a swim to shore in all probability. I find them a tad more tender than the 18X, Nemo, Rapier boat types, some of it due to a higher seat position ala K-1,, they don't like beam stuff either. BTW,,thx for the response on the other issue, sent you an e-mail ref. same. Buffy,, where are you located? Only ask because you are welcome to test drive any of the boats if near by.