Paddling options near Reno, NV

There’s a fair chance I may end up moving to Reno, NV at the end of this coming summer. There are a couple grad student spots available at UNR that I’m applying for and so far my chances seem fairly good.

I’m into outdoor rec in general and I already know that the hiking and mountain biking out there will be great. I can’t find much info on paddling destinations OTHER than Tahoe. I paddle a Wenonah Aurora tandem canoe with my wife. We like flatwater and fairly nontechnical moving water (class II tops).

If we relocate to Reno, where would we be able to go to paddle? I’ve noticed a fair number of lakes in the Sierras…are these accessible to paddlers without too many portage miles between parking and put-in? The biggest unknowns are the rivers. I’m sure whitewater paddling is quite good there, but what about calmer moving water?

Donner Lake…
Head out Interstate 80 West toward Truckee (sp). Donner lake sits at the foot of Donner Pass. Tons of biking and hiking there too. Barely an hour drive.

Reno paddling
Close by,

Donner. Closer still Boca and Stampede Reservoirs. Heading south down 395 around Mono Lake ( Can be extremely windy and choppy on Mono), Twin Lakes, June Lakes, Virginia Lakes, Bridgeport Lakes. Pyramid and Tahoe are awesome to paddle but should be treated as an ocean. For a quick after school paddle, there is the Sparks Marina. If you get into whitewater kayaking, Reno has a whitewater park downtown.

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Pick up Charlie Pike’s Book
Paddling Northern California-it shows lots of places with great detail. He’s great to paddle with if you ever meet up with him.


Susanvile area

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North of Reno in Ca.around Susanville is Honey Lake, Lake Leavitt, McCoy and Hog Flat Reservoir, Eagle Lake, Horse Lake. Have time head farther north to Klamath and Clear lake. More time Goose and Upper lake. East of Reno Lahotan state recreation area and Sheckler reservoirs. Head south to Carson City to Washoe Lake state park over to Lake Tahoe stopping by Marlette lake.

Read Canoeing the California Highlands by John Coale, A Quiet Guide to Paddlers Paradise. Most of the northern Ca lakes of interest approximately 81 places to explore.
So many places to see.

Come on Chuck
June lake needs 3 laps to warm up. We have paddled Boca and Stampede. Great fed campground at stampede, fair at Boca. We will be up at Stampede this summer and then to Tahoe for a week. We have sites reserved for a family get together at Meeks. There is Pyramid Lake and a lake near Fallon. There are a bunch of small lakes in the general area.

Hey, Nate

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I'm an hour south of Reno, and paddle year-round. Pyramid is great, as is Topaz (1.25 hr south of Reno), and Walker Lake, at 21 mi long x 12 mi wide. All are in Nevada. If you want to take a quick paddle during lunch, there's Sparks Marina, right in town. Of course, lots of good water in NorCal, as well.

It sounds like I would have plenty of options at my disposal. I’ll probably start looking into it more seriously if I indeed do get accepted and if/when I start looking to buy a house out there. It would be nice to situate myself closer to recreation opportunities if possible.

Silver Lake is bigger
and kayaks can paddle up Reverse Creek and Grant Lake is fairly large.

Paddling Options Near Reno!
Here are some of your options for paddling in the Class 1-II Categories:

l. Pyramid Lake- Best in Spring-Fall

2. Walker Lake Best in Spring or Fall

3. Truckee River-Lower- Summer

4. Echo Lake-Summer

5. Loon Lake- Summer

6 Wright’s Lake - Summer

7. Donner Lake - Summer

8. Lahonian Reservoir -Spring-Fall

9. Washoe Lake- Summer

10. Hell Hole Reservoir - Summer

11. Stampede Reservoir - Summer

There are few rivers in Nevada for paddling any distances. The Sierras have tons of rivers, but few are Class 1 or 2 other than as they spill out into reservoirs in the Sacramento and San Juaquin Valley’s. Most are Class 3-5 and great whitewater experiences for kayaking or rafting.

If you are willing to travel up to five hundred miles away you might try these:

l. Russian River- All year

2. Sacramento River - All year

3. San Juaquin-Millerton Lake- All year

4. Trinity River - Upper - Summer

5. Klamath River - Lower - Summer

6. Claire Engle Lake- Spring-Fall

7. Upper Missouri River - Spring to Fall

8. Lake Mead - All year

The west is kayaking territory primarily, unlike the Midwest, Northeast, and South where canoeing is big. Sea Kayaking and serious river kayaking dominate the Western States. Any venture out in the Pacific in a Canoe is for advanced paddlers with a spray covered canoe. Even Puget Sound, San Francisco Bay, and Monterey Bays are not for the average paddler.

Almost all rivers coming out of the Sierras, Cascades, and Rockies are filled with Class 3-5 rapids until they hit the major valley’s.

Hope this rundown helps.

Happy Paddling!

Murph (Clovis-Fresno Ca.)

Paddling options near Reno, NV

If you do end up in reno, I kayak on Tahoe often in the warmer months. Feel free to send me an email.